Advantages :


  • Removable accessories
  • Individual packages
  • Adjustable anticoagulant volume
  • All material included (for single blood bag)
  • Easy to use
  • Illustrated procedure guide (cf: user's guide page)




Alvedia is proud to introduce blood bags systems that will allow you to perform a professional and safe blood collection in cats (or small animals).


The single blood bag system is very useful for veterinarians willing to collect and store whole blood easily and quickly. The single blood bag system does not require any additional material. Thus, the whole blood unit can be stored during 4 weeks between 1°C to 6°C when using the ACD anticoagulant.


The double blood bag system is helpful for professional that requires to separate Red Blood Cells  (RBC) from plasma. This system will require the use of a laboratory centrifuge and a plasma extractor. After separation of RBC from plasma, each unit can be stored. The other advantage of the double blood bag system is the  specific injection port that permits to inject additives (ADSOL / NUTRICEL / OPTISOL) into the RBC bag after separation.


Our blood bags are made with medical raw material that are specially manufactured, in France, for preservation, separation and centrifugation of blood units. Quality controls are made all over the production chain under ISO certification. Each individual package is sterilized for a safe use.


These blood collection systems have been evaluated in several blood banks in France and in United States of America.


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